Relationship problems, addictions, depression, fear, and anxiety – all of these are part of our lives. When we least expect, our life script changes and one unpredictable event is enough to disturb our inner peace. 

Psychotherapist Alexandra Stancu is now closer to you, guiding you towards efficient solutions for your problems. In all this time, she proved to her clients that no obstacle is impossible to overcome, no matter how overwhelming it appears. Her activity is based on Ericksonian Psychotherapy, Transactional analysis, and Cognitive-Behavioral psychotherapy. Her practice offers you a private and calming atmosphere, inviting you for dialogue and openness. Together with her you can find answers to questions such as „How can I be happy again?”, „How can I face loneliness?”, „What profession is right for me?”, „How can I overcome my fears?” – these are just a few of the possible themes approached in psychotherapy.

One session lasts for 60 minutes. The sessions can be held in English or Romanian, in face to face meetings in Timisoara (Romania) or through Skype.

For more information about the psychotherapy sessions  and appointments, please contact Alexandra following the form bellow or by phone: +40 736 417 828

Looking forward to meeting you!


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